Episode 6: Nuclear mailbag

Episode 6: Nuclear mailbag

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On episode 6 of Age of Miracles, Packy and Julia take a break from our regularly scheduled narrative programming to look back on the past five episodes we've published focused on nuclear fission—and address news stories, feedback, and listener questions collected through this season so far.
We cover:
  • Illinois pushing back on the nuclear moratorium, Nuscale's cancelled contracts, COP 28
  • Why QA makes building new nuclear so difficult, solar cost curves, and more listener feedback on episodes 1-5
  • Investing in nuclear, nuclear waste recycling, how to create more political support for the AP1000, and more listener questions
Thank you to this episode’s guests: Jim Hopf, Robert Bryce, Brett Rampal, Heather Hoff, and Paris Ortiz-Wines.

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