Episode 2: The untold history of nuclear

Episode 2: The untold history of nuclear

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The rise and fall of nuclear power in the 20th century are even more complicated and weirder than you might think – and yet the themes of global economic systems in flux, misinformation and pseudoscience, the complicated relationship between government and business, and the wide gaps between technological innovation and putting that innovation into practice will all feel familiar.
In this episode, Packy and Julia cover everything from nuclear’s origins in small reactors for submarines and planes after WWII, to its rapid scaling into gigawatt-scale reactors in the 60s and 70s; from President Eisenhower’s calls for “atoms for peace” to the pressures of the original “decels”, the degrowth anti-nuclear environmental movement; from regulatory boosterism to regulatory overreach. And there’s much to learn about pushing nuclear forward in the 21st century.
Follow this episode’s guests to learn more: Emmet Penney, Rod Adams, Nick Touran, James Krellenstein, Bret Kugelmass, Alex Epstein, and Mark Nelson

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